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LAG Consortium Objectives, Activities and Principles

The LAG Consortium is based on the common professional and public interests of its founding members, their common goals and objectives. Also, it is based on the principles of mutual respect, equality and non-interference in each other’s’ internal affairs including protection of individual and common interests of its founding members. The LAG Consortium aims to achieve two major goals:

  • To increase access to qualified legal services for all in need with a particular focus on the displaced populations – internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, and returnees – as well as stateless and those endangered by statelessness; and
  • To advocate for unimpeded access of the above mentioned groups to their civil, political and social rights and for changes in policies and practices at local, regional and country level that contribute to improved protection framework for all displaced.  





The LAG Consortium achieves its goals through a variety of activities implemented together with its partners which include, but are not limited to:

  • Provision of relevant, legal information through printed materials (leaflets, newspapers), radio and TV programs, and information sessions during outreach activities;
  • Organization of thematic trainings, seminars, and workshops for the displaced, other civil society actors as well as decision makers at various governance levels;
  • Provision of comprehensive legal counseling and assistance including in-court representation;
  • Carrying out researches and analyses of the needs of the target groups and examination of policies and laws affecting them;
  • Participation in various working groups, commissions and forums to improve the coordination amongst stakeholders and to influence decision making processes;
  • Ongoing capacity building to its members and staff to continuously increase the quality performance and to improve services provided to the target groups.

As of 2012, the LAG Consortium has been gradually taking over activities previously implemented by NRC and will continue to carry on the legacy of the ICLA programme as its immediate successor. The LAG Consortium works in close partnership with UNHCR and other protection actors in order to jointly address challenges of its target groups and improve the protection environment for all displaced and vulnerable in Georgia.

LAG Consortium Principles

The LAG Consortium shall in no way be seen as limiting the independence and sovereignty of the individual founding member organisations. The NGOs agreed to unite around a common vision and goals outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding signed in December 2012 and to delegate certain functions to the LAG Consortium they are a part of. Together with the remaining co-founders (former NRC staff) they discuss and decide all strategic issues of concern in the Board where they are represented on a parity principle.

In the absence of a formal registration of the LAG Consortium, one partner NGO acted as a Lead on behalf of the Consortium and was the nominal grant recipient. With the formalization and registration of the LAG Consortium, this practice will not change for on-going projects, unless the Consortium members jointly decide otherwise. For any new projects, the LAG Consortium will decide on a project management structure that best fits the needs of the beneficiary populations and the respective donor requirements.

It is also understood that the individual member NGOs retain their full independence and possibility to implement projects outside of the scope of the work of the Consortium with internal transparency and information sharing standards in place.


We Partner with:

United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF)

United Nations Democracy Fund

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration
Action Against Hunger              

Housing Initiative for                        

Eastern Europe 

EU Delegation in Georgia               
Save the Children International
Danish Refugee Council           

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